9 Using Kinds Services with Oracle One Sign-On

9 Using Kinds Services with Oracle One Sign-On

9.5.2 Using Multi States Server Clusters in Oracle Techniques Solutions

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Should the Oracle paperwork product from a prior launch makes use of multiple documents Server group brands, you’ll plan all of those bunch manufacturers to an alternative Reports host. An Oracle ways product that also includes a Reports Server group brand will forget to combine on the account servers bunch it references.

To eliminate this problem, the accounts_servermap element maps a bunch identity to an account machine brand. This prevents the requirement to switch the cluster term to all Oracle techniques applications.

An Oracle techniques software can name Oracle account for the following tactics:

Using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT : If phone call specifies a records servers bunch brand in place of a Reports machine title, the documents_servermap ecosystem diverse need to be develop the Oracle Forms solutions nonpayment.env document. Should the Oracle paperwork tool utilizes numerous Reports Server cluster names, you are able to chart each of those cluster figure to some other reviews Server utilizing report_servermap in rwservlet.properties, as follows:

For instance, if the Oracle types software involves 3 bundle with name dev_cluster , prd_cluster , and qa_cluster in 10.1.2, it is possible to chart these group figure to respective machine names in eventually releases, below:

Find out more about about making use of RUN_REPORT_OBJECT against a data Server bunch in 11g, discover My own Oracle Support at For additional information about calling accounts from ways with RUN_REPORT_OBJECT , determine

Using WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT : in this instance, the demand is actually listed in rwservlet. When the ring determine a report machine group label versus a records host label, the research_servermap element is emerge the rwservlet.properties document. 继续阅读“9 Using Kinds Services with Oracle One Sign-On”